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Our advisory team seats with the customer to identify their financial and investment objectives, develop and implement an agreed plan and we continue to monitor and review such plans.

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Why do we need to know about asset classes?

It is essential that you know the characteristics of the asset that you are investing in, so you are able to adjust your expectations accordingly. The financial landscape is always changing, so knowing about the different asset classes and how they are performing currently can help you plan how to invest your money. You have to understand the risk and rewards characteristics of any asset you want to invest in, and ensure that it is in line with your own needs to make an appropriate decision for you.


Making quality investment decisions is not as easy as flipping a coin. Financial Markets are cyclical and dynamic. Funds are constantly moving from surplus areas to deficit areas with each market participant trying to get the best of the market. Some financial instruments require very little technical know-how while some others can only be dealt in by experts who have the right strategies to match the risk and the returns associated with such instruments. Winning in the market requires skills and expertise. There are thousands of fund managers you can invest with, so choosing the right one can be confusing and tiring. Choose a partner that will always act in your best interest, protect your assets and increase the returns on your investment.


At Mega Capital Asset management, we consider the expected return and risk appetite of our investment partners. This allow us to customize our services for each institutional investor taking into cognizance market dynamics. Our investment strategy is built around the preservation of capital, effective risk management as well as reasonable returns through selection of best investment asset classes.


This involves the management of funds that may be required within short notice to meet unexpected calls/pay-outs. Consequently, in coming up with a strategy in managing these funds it is important we understand the frequency of request and the business model in entirety and the possible immediate to short term cash requirements to maintain a reasonable level of liquidity.

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